GET YOUR PUPPET ON!!! (the Danger Slater way)


Please join FUNGASM PRESS and DANGER SLATER on their journey through PUPPET PUBERTY with a PUPPET SKIN CONTEST!

A puppet, you say? You might think, “How is this possible?”

Well, you can either:

a.) Paint your face up to make you look puppet-y
b.) Use a photoswap app to switch your face out with a puppet’s face
c.) Get some paper or an old sock and craft a puppet version of yourself.

Then SHARE THAT SHIT on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Using the hashtag #puppetskin – and BOOM! You’ve been entered!

1st Prize:

*We will TURN YOU INTO A PUPPET! That’s right folks, using a photograph of your face that we will steal off of social media, you will have a little puppet version of yourself to love and treasure forever and ever.

*A Danger Slater T-Shirt (featuring the art of the extremely talented Mr. Erik Wilson).

*Your very own copy of Puppet Skin (signed by Danger Slater and Fungasm editor John Skipp)

*A Puppet Skin magnet and whatever other goodies we feel like throwing in.

2nd Prize:

Less impressive, but still a pretty cool prize. You will receive a signed copy of Puppet Skin and a magnet.

3rd Prize:

One signed copy of Puppet Skin.

*Contest runs from Oct 13th through October 31st 2016 with winners announced November 1st. Follow the Puppet Skin Instagram account for examples.

**all entries will be shared on the Puppet Skin Instagram account


Puppet Skin!!!

Today is the day!


Puppet Skin, the latest book from Danger Slater and Fungasm Press is now available in both print and Kindle formats.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you can click on  and order that shit RIGHT MEOW!

YA Bizarro Horror Fiction is now officially a thing.

But please don’t let think that because Danger leaves out the sex and gratuitous violence so commonly found in Bizarro Fiction that he is pulling any punches.

Written for children at heart of all ages, this book is about the pressures in life from society. The pressure to grow up and get a good job, to have 2.5 kids, a white picket fence, the latest Suburban Utility Vehicle, a solid 401k plan and a burial plot waiting. (This is apparently something that people do by the way. I remember my grandfather showing me the plot that was to be his and grandma’s with great pride on my last visit with him.)

Unsettling and thought provoking in all the right ways, Danger Slater continues to prove he is not only shameless, but also he is truly not a puppet. 


So please, support art and the freedom to create beautiful words and stories, while giving yourself a little treat at the same time and order one today. 

Much love, Lisa LeStrange and #teamdanger 

Deep Dish Bizarro


Happy Friday my beautiful freaks.

Do you remember when you were like seven or eight years old and you woke up and it was THE DAY OF YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! Or maybe if you were like me and your birthday was in November and it was cold outside and so that feeling I’m talking about is more that FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!

I woke up in a bed, (not on a train like yesterday) I’m in a beautiful flat in the city of Chicago and tonight there is a special bizarro party being thrown by the best hosts in the whole wide world, Sauda Namir and Michael Allen Rose.

It’s being called, “The summer party of the season, bizarro style! Performances and readings from The Slow Poisoner, Devora Gray, Danger Slater, Michael Allen Rose and more!”

It’s going to be weird.

Now, I know it kinda sounds like I’m bragging and let me assure you, I abso-fucking-lutely am. These are super fun people and I get to hang out with them tonight. But, so do you.

Tonight’s party will be live streamed from 8pm until midnight Central Standard Time at both:

When we go live I will post the performance lineup and exact times to tune in so you don’t miss your favorites. But this feed will be live and uncut so if you’ve got the time, you might get to drunk chat with me later, or hear the amazingly titillating conversations of the literary types.

Now, you might end up watching an hour of some unidentifiable mans groin area as he drunkenly hits on one of the many beautiful ladies in the room, or you might see Danger get drunk and flash the camera (he’s mentioned that it might happen, so you’ve been warned) but you will also see readings, comedy, music, burlesque whatever other crazy shit we come up with.

Sadly, you WON’T being seeing Miss Laura Lee Bahr tonight. But she is doing some really amazing things with her book Haunt, including an audio version and she talks about a few of those things in her interview for Sense of Wonder.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, monkeys and robots, dogs…and cats who are cool, please join me tonight in celebrating the bizarre.


Lisa LeStrange #bizarrofiction #smallpress #chicago

The Art of loving Art

Oh my God you guys!

I went to the coolest thing yesterday. I’m in New Jersey with Danger and we went to the GROUNDS FOR SCULPTURE in Hamilton. We spent the afternoon wandering the property and saw MOST of the art they had tucked all over in between gardens and ponds. Oh, and did I mention they serve beer and wine?

Seriously. If you ever get the chance, please go.

Later when I was telling everyone who asked, (and a few people who didn’t) how fucking awesome it was, I realized something:

Never. Not once during that time did I think “I should be making this kind of stuff.” I just loved it and wanted to share it with people because I thought they’d love it too.

That’s how I feel about books and writers, especially small press writers. I discovered something that I think is amazing and I want to help spread the word.

As a result of me spreading my excitement over bizarro and weird fiction I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I write too. And when I say no they seem disappointed and that made me wonder “am I supposed to?” or “why don’t I?”

I think I have finally figured out my answer for the next time it comes up.

Art needs people who just LOVE it. People who want to appreciate it, are inspired by it and share it with everyone they know.

Books and authors do too. In fact, believe it or not, writers are not the most outgoing or self confidant group of people out there. Sure, there are exceptions but in general they’re kinda shy and awkward. So, if you know of a place in your local hometown that would host a reading let people know. If you really like a person’s work, contact them and say so.

Writers don’t just need people to order their books….oh, they need that for sure. But there’s more, they need people to be fans, people to go to their readings, to share with their friends, to start book clubs and write reviews. They need to be loved just like the rest of us.

So get out there and spread some bizarro love my friends, and until next time…I’m just going to keep being the only person in the picture who ISN’T a published author.

Cheers! Lisa  #bizarrofiction #fungasmpress

The Puppet Dance Begins

“Hannah lived in a big house in the suburbs and she did her homework every night and she ate all of her acorn mash because she was always told that acorn mash would make her strong, and she emptied the dishwasher when it was full and she took out the trash when it started to smell and she always remembered to floss after brushing and both of her parents were puppets.

All adults were puppets.” -Puppet Skin by Danger Slater

Happy Friday!

This week is all about puppets.

Puppets in books, puppets HOLDING books and puppets on a trip to promote this new book.

Fungasm Press is extremely excited to announce their latest book, Puppet Skin by Danger Slater is now available for preorder on Amazon. And the release date is July 18th!!!


What? You never heard of YA Bizarro Horror Fiction before? Maybe it’s because there really hasn’t been any. Welcome to the future folks. Danger Slater has outdone himself again and I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

This one’s unique, even by Fungasm standards, in that it may be the most deeply fucked-up, weird-ass YA novel I’ve ever seen. Or maybe  it’s just a shockingly horrific Bizarro fairy tale for brain-starved teens of all ages. YOU TELL ME!”  -John Skipp

Over the next two weeks Puppet  Danger and Puppet Lisa will be heading across America on an puppet-venture with an appearance on the Bizzaong Podcast to talk about the new book and whatever other messed up stuff Frank comes up with to talk about.  

The puppets are also guests of honor at a very special bizarro bash in Chicago held by author Michael Allen Rose, the flawless Sauda Namir, as well as many more fantastical puppet-photo-ops. We will be posting these shenanigans on both Instagram and Twitter using  #PuppetSkinPreorder  and I promise, if not educational, it will at least be entertaining. 

Stay tuned and you might just be surprised by some of the cameos that drop in.

Cheers! Lisa

#fungasmpress #bizarropress #teamdanger


Fungasm Friday!!!


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

Some guy from some band said that.

And you know what? He was right.

Summer hasn’t even officially began and I’m already out of free weekends. EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND from now until September is spoken for.

Not all the plans involve work events, one of those weekends says “the Oregon coast” and another says “Lake Trillium” those are camping trips with my friends and family. Tonight it says Gilbert Road where Garrett Cook and Danger Slater  I mean,  Applause-O-Tron will be co hosting Portland’s weirdest night readings, performances and open mic slots with Portland’s ONLY monkey moderator.

Tonight is going to be a good time. But…..the rest of those, yuck.

Thank goodness for Bizarro Con.

When the sunburns and pool parties are just distant memories….

When the best holiday in the world (HALLOWEEN) is over and it gets dark at like 4pm.

THIS is something to look forward to. The 17th-20th of November and held at the Edgefield Hotel just outside of Portland Oregon. You will never experience anything quite like it anywhere else in the world.


If you love bizarro fiction and strange as fuck performances from the funnest group weirdos around, this is your kind of party and registration for 2016 just opened up at

My first year I was so nervous and drank so so much beers, (did I mention the beer yet? It’s great) and I heard Carlton Mellick III perform The Rules Of Fight Club followed by dancing to live music from The Slow Poisoner, Mr. Andrew Goldfarb accompanied by Mr. Skipp on the bongos.

This year I’m introducing a new element, the “Bizarro Pickles” event will take place on Thursday night, I’m going to make pickled radishes and a surprise item. (something spicy)

Another cool thing about Bizarro Con are a little thing called the Wonderland Book Awards.

The most talked about Bizarro books of 2015 are all up for nomination RIGHT NOW!!

Last year MP Johnson won for his book Dungeons and Drag Queens and if it weren’t for the runaway success of Jeremy Robert Johnson’s Skullcrack City I believe MP’s Cattle Cult Kill Kill would totally win this year. You can vote for your top three choices here:

But, if you want to have a say when it comes to the final vote, you have to go to Bizarro Con!

And finally, we are celebrating the 15th Anniversary Edition of SATAN BURGER!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

“The book that did more to frame the oncoming Bizarro revolution than any other”

John Skipp wrote the intro to this one, as a guy who helped frame a previous genre revolution with a funny name (splatterpunk).

“This book is brilliant”. (You can quote me on all this…..John Skipp)

Fungasm Friday the 13th


Fungasm Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Today feels like a good day to do some creepy stuff. Like go swimming in the lake down by the old abandonded summer camp, or maybe pick up that questionable looking hitchiker.

I’m spending the day relaxing and lounging around on this beautiful 88 degree day. (what the hell, Oregon in May) I’m staring longingly at the unopen and slightly greenish swimming pool that I really ony want to go in because I”ve been told that I can’t and I’m also catching up on last week’s Horror Happens Radio Show from Jay Kay and


This week Jay chats with John Skipp and the beautiful Devora Gray, author of Human Furniture. . I missed the live airing of the show and chances are you did as well but never fear, Horror Happens is now archived on Sound Cloud. That means you can catch Devora and all of the Fungasm authors as well as a plethora of interesting intererviews with all kinds of cool people.

There are a lot of other events going on this week that I should  mention, like the StokerCon Horror Awards at The Flamingo in Las Vegas this weekend, but I think I’m just going to go break into that pool instead.

Cheers! From Lisa and #teamfungasm #fungasmfridays #smallpress #bizarrofiction


I’m going to be super honest with you. I’m having a really hard time writing this post. There are so many things going on this weekend and I will be missing most of them due to the whole “life ain’t cheap” situation. I am trying to post links to things and I keep getting distracted by the pictures and stories going up online from all of my friends and colleagues at these fantastic events. Deep Breath. Slow Exhale.(that’s for me) Okay, let’s begin.

I would like to start this week out the right way by mentioning the San Pedro H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival starting today at the fabulous Warner Grand Theatre. Seriously, the lineup for this thing looks great and our very own Cody Goodfellow just happens to be one of the directors for the San Pedro chapter of HPLFF and he has put a lot of work into creating a beautiful event. Not only will Mr. Goodfellow be there but the guest list also includes the likes of Joseph S. Pulver, Leeman Kessler, Andrew Kasch, Nick Gucker and MANY more. Andrew Kasch will be presenting the wraparound footage from the upcoming horror movie Monsterland  that he shot with John Skipp at the Warner Grand! Another highlight I’d like to mention about the weekend is the performance that Skipp and Cody are going to be doing at the Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast on Sunday morning.


Next thing on my “I Want To Go To There” list is the release party being hosted by John Skipp and Laura Lee Bahr TONIGHT (8pm Stockroom Hall) in celebration of her book Long Form Religious Porn. I’m having a serious case of “missing out” this weekend and I implore you, IF you are in the Los Angeles metro area…GO TO THIS PARTY! HANG OUT WITH THESE PEOPLE!

And last, but in no way least, Fungasm Press is beyond thrilled to announce the ARCs (Advanced Reading Copy) of the latest book by the one and only Mr. Danger Slater.   PUPPET SKIN (coming this July) are now avalible for reviewers! 

From the back cover copy:

“Danger Slater is fearless, and should be ashamed of himself. Thank God he’s not.” — Josh Malerman, author of BIRD BOX

Hannah graduates from middle school on Friday. That’s the day she transforms into a living puppet, like her parents and teachers before her. No longer a human girl made of flesh and feelings, but a perfect wooden new self, whose strings lead up from her limbs into an endless black void above. With no pain. No sorrow. No sickness. No fear.

But Hannah has begun to suspect that something is very, very wrong. And in a world where emotion is treated like a disease, and unknown terrors lurk inside everyone, just keeping your soul alive past childhood might be the greatest challenge of all.

“PUPPET SKIN is a dark, grotesquely-beautiful Bizarro nightmare fable for alienated teens of all ages. If you’ve ever felt lost in this deranged universe, Danger’s book knows exactly what you mean.”


Okay ladies and gentlemen, I’m going back to living vicariously through the photos and stories of my awesome friends. If you get the chance to join them, PLEASE do.                       Do Something Fun!   -Lisa

#teamfungasm #fungasmfriday #bizarro #smallpress

Fungasm Friday!




I mean like, shit.

It’s barely been a week that I’ve felt like I could hear a Bowie song playing in the grocery store without the need to pause and mourn the loss of such a talented and amazing creature.

And now, my sweet Prince.

I never actually got to see him live. But I did get to dance in the streets of downtown San Francisco with thousands of other happy drunk people to 1999 on New Year’s Eve that year. Raspberry Beret was one of the first songs I remembering hearing on the radio as a kid and thinking “Wow, that’s music” I gyrated inappropriately with cute boys in dark corners at my high school while Cream played. I ‘found myself’ in underground secret basement parties listening to dance mixes of When Doves Cry.That mug shot magnet in the last picture there? That is the first thing I have put on my fridge in every new place I have lived since my divorce. I think it’s safe to say that Prince was kind of a big deal in my life and it just didn’t feel right trying to write a post this week without mentioning his passing.

Like a good book, music shapes us it stays with us, has the ability to transport us back to places and times and I will be forever thankful for those awesome memories.


Speaking of memories, do you remember when the  Horror Happens Radio Show had an episode with John Skipp and Danger Slater talking about Danger’s new book I Will Rot Without You and you missed it because you were busy because it was on during the middle of the day here on the West coast and some people work a 9-5 kind of schedule? Well I’m pleased to announce that all of their uncensored archives are now avalible at

In other fantastic wonderful news Boned, the feature film by Miss Laura Lee Bahr is now available to rent or buy on Itunes. If you like dogs or people or dominatrixes or goth kids or smug funny plastic surgons or quirky dogwalkers …this movie has something for you. It’s a great movie with sexy people (Bai Ling!) and enjoyable performances from everyone in the film.

I also highly recommend that people in the Los Angeles area look into the Long Form Religious Porn release party that is coming up this Friday the 29th and will be held at the Stockroom.  It’s going to be a fun time and I really think you should be there.

And on that note, I think I will leave you to your weekend.

I hope you have a great one.

I hope you dance to Prince.

It doesn’t matter if you get all dressed up and go out to one of the millions of dance parties being held in his honor this weekend or if you dance iat home wearing old pajamas.

Just dance. And celebrate.

Much Love, #bizarropress #teamfungasm #fungasmpress

Fungasm Friday

I believe I mentioned last week how incredibly adorable Miss Laura Lee Bahr is and this week I would like talk a little more about that. Not only is she a sweet and kind human, Laura is also extremely talented. Her new movie Boned starring Angela Landes, Bai Ling and some super cool goth kids. I was super lucky to be able to see this movie in the theater during it’s limited release and it’s really good. Funny and entertaining while being pleasantly unpredictable. And now us peoples here at Fungasm Press are happy to announce you can now Rent or Buy here:

“In the film, Landis plays a struggling actress named Samantha Marlow who walks dogs to pay the bills. After accidentally denting the door on an attractive doctor’s SUV, she is swept into a plot full of violent dog-nappers, gothic bondage cultists and starving actors who are in denial,” -Nathan Carson, Willamete Week

Thanks Nathan Carson for the write up in Willamette Week!!

“Described to be in the surrealist Hollyweird style of John Waters and David Lynch”

BONED is featured in a Deadline article!!!…/bai-ling-boned-gravitas-ventures-kir…/

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can’t think of a better way for you to spend your evening than curled up watching this movie with a glass of wine or three.