Friday night, from 8:00-10:00, a bunch of Portland’s finest will align with several of L.A.’s weirdest to stage a night of Bizarro fun at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank!

Danger Slater and Lisa LeStrange will be appearing as LIVE PUPPETS, performing a section of Danger Slater’s new groundbreaking Bizarro YA novel, PUPPET SKIN.

Jennifer Robin will also merge reading and performance art with excerpts from her amazing new Feral House entry, DEATH CONFETTI.

Cody Goodfellow, creator of the graphic novel MYSTERY MEAT (and the finest beard by far in this season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY) will be auditioning hapless passersby for his insane new Hollywood novel.

And John Skipp (THE ART OF HORRIBLE PEOPLE) will read his whacky short story “Depresso the Clown”, and possibly summon the spirits with his primal drumming hypnomania.

Also WEIRD SHORT FILMS! INTOXICATING BEVERAGES! SMOKING ON THE SIDEWALK, IN CLEAR DEFIANCE OF BURBANK LAW!!! A wonderful time, with some wonderful weirdos. Hope we see you there!

For more info on the Hyaena Gallery — specializing in dark art, lowbrow art, outsider art, and all KINDS of cool art — look right here:

GET YOUR PUPPET ON!!! (the Danger Slater way)


Please join FUNGASM PRESS and DANGER SLATER on their journey through PUPPET PUBERTY with a PUPPET SKIN CONTEST!

A puppet, you say? You might think, “How is this possible?”

Well, you can either:

a.) Paint your face up to make you look puppet-y
b.) Use a photoswap app to switch your face out with a puppet’s face
c.) Get some paper or an old sock and craft a puppet version of yourself.

Then SHARE THAT SHIT on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Using the hashtag #puppetskin – and BOOM! You’ve been entered!

1st Prize:

*We will TURN YOU INTO A PUPPET! That’s right folks, using a photograph of your face that we will steal off of social media, you will have a little puppet version of yourself to love and treasure forever and ever.

*A Danger Slater T-Shirt (featuring the art of the extremely talented Mr. Erik Wilson).

*Your very own copy of Puppet Skin (signed by Danger Slater and Fungasm editor John Skipp)

*A Puppet Skin magnet and whatever other goodies we feel like throwing in.

2nd Prize:

Less impressive, but still a pretty cool prize. You will receive a signed copy of Puppet Skin and a magnet.

3rd Prize:

One signed copy of Puppet Skin.

*Contest runs from Oct 13th through October 31st 2016 with winners announced November 1st. Follow the Puppet Skin Instagram account for examples.

**all entries will be shared on the Puppet Skin Instagram account